Raspberry Lemonade [Shake & Vape Eliquid DIY Recipe]

Welcome to a new recipe video. I’m john and today I want to share with you a nice and simple lemonade that you can shake and vape the same day. So this is a raspberry lemonade eliquid. This is going to be a quick video since the recipe is very straight forward. You can add more flavors or use alternative ones and it will work most likely fine, but I cant guaranty that the taste and steeping time will remain the same. So we can be on the same page, here is the recipe. As you can see it uses only 3 flavors and a sweetener. The lemon sicily from capella is milder than the flavorart version so it is used higher at 4%. This is a nice and juicy lemon that has it’s own unique taste with a good sweet and sour balance, also I find it is slightly juicier than the juicy lemon capella offers. Next, is the popular lemon sicily from flavourart, this one has a sharper flavor with a lot of volatile aromas so it works better at the lower 1.5% ratio leaving capella to be the main flavor and staying in the background as an accent. It is a strong and more realistic lemon that adds a good taste and extra character to the recipe. The raspberry from capella it’s a nice raspberry flavor too, it is not the most realistic or the best raspberry for solo vaping but for the role it has in this recipe it works great. It adds a slight candy like taste to the eliquid and some additional sourness that compliments the lemon very well. A lot together this recipe sits at 10.5% total flavoring and it can be vaped within an hour after mixing. Just shake it very well and wait for the bubbles to settle. In general this recipe will always taste better fresh and within the first week of making due to the sensitivity of the lemon aromas. But if you don’t like a sharp lemonade taste you can use that to your advantage and let it steep for a few days for the lemon flavor to mellow out further. As I mentioned earlier this recipe could be your base for your own lemonade and you could expand on the flavor with other fruits. Grape, Strawberry and other berries seem to work the best for me so far, but out of all them, I liked the raspberry outcome better. In any case leave us a comment with your thoughts or own recipe twist. I Hope you enjoyed this video and I will see you again next time.