3 Flavors Mix #13 – Salted Caramel [A Full Flavor Salted Caramel Eliquid Recipe]

Hey I’m john and welcome to diy eliquid recipes. Today video is a new 3 flavors mix that I have been preparing for a while. This is a different style of recipe than the usual eliquids I have been mixing recently. So, this is the salted caramel eliquid recipe. This is a very nice and balanced eliquid that is simple to make and only requires 4 to 5 days of steeping. Now while making this eliquid I had 2 different options. I could use a regular caramel flavor and try to add a salty side taste to it or use a premade finalized flavor. When I tried making it even with a saline solution I couldn’t get the same taste like the completed concentrate so I decided to build this recipe around the flavorwest salted caramel instead. The result was much better and with only a few other ingredients this mix made a nice and easy salted caramel recipe. So here now is the full recipe for you . Together with the salted caramel from flavor west, there is also some extra acetyl Pyrazine for extra flavor body and a slightly more crust taste. Then some additional and much needed sweetener since this caramel is a slightly dark tasting flavor just by itself. And last a touch of vanilla bean ice cream from tfa to add some additional creaminess to the caramel and a nice side accent with the vanilla that is very mild but works very well to complete the whole flavor. All together this eliquid sits at 10% of total flavor and is mixed with 75% of vegetable glycerin and 25% of propylene glycol. For steeping as I mentioned earlier, this eliquid will usually be done in around 5 days and it should vape with a full flavor for a while after that with minimal flavor degradation. For nicotine I have tried it up to 5mg and the flavor was unchanged. As a summary I find this recipe very enjoyable to vape and if you have the ingredients hopefully you try it too. If you have your own salted caramel recipe feel free to share in the comments I would like to see your
approach. Hope you are having a good summer so far and I will see you soon again on the next video.