Blueberry Parfait Eliquid clone? – Commercial Recipe Break down



Welcome to diy eliquid recipes. Over the past week I’ve been vaping an eliquid that was given to me and I have to say that I really like the combination of flavors, so today I will go over each ingredient needed to come as close as possible to this eliquid. SO this is blueberry parfait the clone. If you are still not sure about which eliquid I’m referring to, here I’ll show you a quick picture I found online. I find this eliquid to have enough ice cream flavor for the pairfait part and a good amount of cookie base but I think personally that the blueberry part is so low that is basically non existent. But the ice cream part here is spot on, it has enough cream and dairy flavor and not too much sweetness making this a great ice cream eliquid to vape. The last think I’ll say before moving to the recipe, is that the commercial eliquid that I have, fades very quickly when vaped and after not too long you start tasting it less and less. So now moving to the cloning part. I broke down this part in to 3 different sections, the creams the bases and then the fruits. I’ll start with the base first. To get a very similar base to this eliquid you can use either cookie from flavourart at 1.5% with some additional acetyl Pyrazine or just 2% of inawera biscuit if you own this flavor. Either one will work fine and will be able to recreate the same amount of crust taste in this mix. Next Is the creams. This eliquid has a slight dairy after taste in it so to replicate that part, I chose 2 different side flavors that you can use either one. As for the main base I believe the vanilla custard from capella comes closer to the taste of the original eliquid but the flavorah vanilla custard I found later, would work almost as well and with only just 2%. Again either combo you decide to go with should work very well and replicate a very similar cream profile. And last is the fruits. Both as you can see are berry based options. If you want a more fruity and pungent version of this eliquid then go for the forest fruits version, If you want something closer to the original then the tfa berry crunch works very well here too. And now finally after each part, this is my recipe too for anyone willing to try making this clone eliquid. I picked the flavors that will make this recipe to taste as close to the original one, but with slightly more flavor. So here is my final take. I went with the capella vanilla custard, tfa greek yogurt, the cookie from flavourart for the base and for a touch of fruit there is 3% of berry crunch in the end giving enough fruit but not too much similar to the commercial eliquid. Optionally you could add some sweetener which I find it is recommended and then if you want even more crunch in your vape then you can boost the base even further with some additional acetyl Pyrazine too. At the end this eliquid sits at 9 and half to 11 and half of total flavor and is mixed at the usual commercial mixture of 80 20. For steeping it is recommended to wait from 6 to 10 days and try to stay bellow 8mg of nicotine if possible. All together this recipe should taste almost like the original eliquid. If you have all the ingredients, or you enjoy vaping this type of eliquids hopefully sometime you give it a try to. For any comments or other thoughts as always leave them below and I will get back to you. Thank you for watching this new recipe video, and I will see you next time with a new flavor review I’m preparing.