3 Flavors Mix #14 – Banana Kiwi [Fruity and rich tasting Eliquid Recipe]

Welcome to diy eliquid recipes and to a new 3 flavors mix episode. I’m john and Today I have a nice fruity eliquid to share with you. So this is a 3 flavors banana and kiwi eliquid. I have been finalizing this recipe for the past 2 weeks and giving each sample I made a few days of steeping to see if I needed to make any adjustments. After a few different combos of kiwi and banana from capella, flavorwest, tfa and flavourart, I ended up with deciding on using the kiwi from flavourart. It’s a nice and realistic enough kiwi to work in this recipe. Also fa kiwi has a distinctive sharp and fresh tasting flavor that contrasts well the darker tasting companion banana concentrates used in this recipe. Now to finalize the banana profile it took me even longer. That happened because originally I was trying to use only 1 banana flavor if possible but I found out than when using most banana flavors higher than 5% instead of getting a stronger and more realist flavor, instead I was tasting a chemical and bitter after taste making the recipe very harsh to vape. So in the end I decided on a final combo of 2 layered bananas that work very well together. And even though this recipe was finalized at only a 7% of total flavor as you will see, It still has a deep taste and great fruity vapor with just these 3 flavors alone. So here is the recipe for you too. As you can see the leading banana flavor was decided to be the lorann banana cream. It is a flavor with a rich banana aroma and with a light cream background that ties all the other flavors together very well and helps to thicken the total vape body. Next for the second banana I settled to the banana ripe from tfa. What this flavor does here that banana cream couldn’t do when used alone at a higher ratio, is that it adds a secondary layer on top of the banana cream of a different and sweeter banana flavor creating all together a blend of much more realistic banana flavor. That when it is now combined with the kiwi from flavourart, it simply creates and enjoyable and easy to vape eliquid with a lot of flavor even that low. You will find yourself going through full tanks of this mix much faster than other eliquids but the simplicity to make it and the short steep time it has, should help you easily deal with that problem. Now for steeping you can give it 24 to 48 hours to settle and it will be ready to vape. I have let a sample go for 5 days and there was not much more of a change compared to the 2 day sample. In any case for the best experience, just make a habit of shaking the bottle a little bit each time you refill your vape. All together this is a simple and full of flavor eliquid. If you don’t have all the flavors listed here and you use alternative ones leave your recipe in the comments for other people too. Also as always leave all your thoughts and comments too and I’ll get back to each one of you. Happy to see you here once more and I’ll be back soon with a fresh video.