My favorite 5 eliquid recipes of 2018

Welcome back. I’m john from diy eliquid recipes and today a have a video highlighting 5 of my favorite recipes from the past year. I will quickly go over each recipe and the episode that they are from and This is not in any special order so saying that this is the fist one for today. This is a glazed cereal bar eliquid. It’s a simple recipe using only 3 flavors but it has a very nice and rich taste. Some times you will see the first flavor referred to as crunch berry cereal in any case this is the main ingredient in this recipe and if you would like more information about it you can find this recipe is from this video the berry cereal tfa review. Next moving on to a different style of recipe. This is a granny smith green apple eliquid recipe. It uses capellas green apple together only with flavourarts fuji and 2 layered sweeteners creating a nice sweet and sour balance. This recipe is from the video 2 green apple recipes also including this flavorwest version of this same eliquid. In any case both recipes are very accurate in flavor. I have made both before but I find myself making the capella version more often. Moving to the third recipe for today. This is the resses pieces eliquid. A little more involved recipe with a lot more flavors than the previous 2 and with a heavier taste than most eliquids. It is not as creamy of an eliquid as it might seem since the creams here are mainly used to smoothen the chocolate and peanut butter flavors but all together this is a very rich and full flavor eliquid to vape. This recipe comes from the review video of flavor apprentice’s double chocolate clear that also includes a few more tips on how to use this flavor. And moving to the fourth recipe which is a raspberry lemonade. Now this eliquid recreates the flavor of a mild lemonade drink just from these 3 flavors again. The combination of a sweet candy like lemon sicily combined with the more realistic lemon sicily offered from flavourart create the base and are paired with a touch of raspberry flavor on the side. A light and great recipe to make if you have these ingredients. If you want to hear more about this recipe, it is from the synonymous video called raspberry lemonade. And now going to the last recipe for this video review. This is coconut pineapple. A very fruity eliquid with a nice combination of flavors. Other than the main 2 flavors this recipe also includes 2 booster flavors on the side that help a lot with the vape body. It is another great tasting recipe that I make fairly often. If you want to learn more about them or this recipe this is from the inawera pineapple review. And that will bring out to the end of this list. I hope that you found at least one recipe to make from this video. And I also want to say that I’m Happy to be here for the past 2 years almost now sharing these recipes and information with you. If you have any comments please leave them below and I will see you again on the next one.

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  1. Hello John I just want to say I enjoy watching your videos probably more than anyone else is out here in the DIY e-juice I think you’re very up and honest with everything and on with the flavoring.

    I do have one question though and that’s concerning my VG and PG I bought a gallon of VG from liquid Barn can it go bad does it have to be refrigerated after you open it or is it okay to leave in the room temperature.

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