2 Cherry Eliquid Aromatic Tobacco DIY Recipes (light & bold)

Hello and welcome back to diy eliquid recipes. I’m john and I’m here today with 2 new cherry tobacco recipes to share with you. I know this type of flavor has very polarizing opinions but it seems like there are enough people out there that enjoying this combination of flavors so I decided to give my take too on this type of eliquid. Now usually this type of mixture will have a very strong artificial cherry aftertaste but I wanted something more natural tasting so I kept the ratios on the cherry concentrates very low. However if you are after a stronger cherry experience feel free to raise them to your liking. Now in this video I will include 2 recipes, that way I can cover 2 different styles of this flavor but also raise the chances of including some of the flavors you already own too. I will start first with the cherry tobacco light recipe. The tobacco here comes mainly from SOHO which is a very nice caramel tobacco flavor and is also helped by a small amount black fire. Now you could not include black fire if you don’t have it and just raise the soho flavor but if you do have it definitely helps here. And then the cheery flavor for this recipe comes from tfas very nice and natural tasting black cherry. It is only used at 2% for a mild aftertaste but again you can adjust that if you are familiar with this flavor. In the end there is 1% of sweetener which is higher than my usually recipes but it worked much better than just half percent this time. As always mts vape wizard is optional but if you use it then this recipe will have a total flavor of 7.95%. The recommended steeping for this is 5 days to let mainly the tobaccos to blend. Now this eliquid is a nice beginner mix to start with cherry tobaccos. It is not too strong or too aromatic but it will give you an introduction good enough to cherry tobaccos without any weird side flavors. Now next moving to a recipe for more seasoned cherry vapers. And this will be the cherry tobacco bold recipe. This is a very high vg mix at 85% which you will rarely see but it was necessary here to keep down some of the strong flavors included in this recipe since they are very upfront when mixed in thinner higher pg concentrations. So here is the recipe. The tobacco taste comes from the combination of amphora from inawera and tfas ry4 double. A strong and aromatic combo of tobaccos that would work great as the base for many other tobacco recipes too. The cherry flavor this time comes from inaweras cherries concentrate a very nice and balanced cherry flavor but you could substitute it with another cherry if you don’t have this one. All together this mix will have almost 10% of total flavor and a very bold taste. There is a good aroma from the cherry here and the tobaccos blend together excellent. The only downside of this eliquid is the steeping time. Because of the very high vegetable glycerin and flavorings amount it will need at least 1 week to mellow out. But it will reward you with a full flavor aromatic tobacco eliquid that is worth waiting for. Now if you like this type of eliquids and you make any of the 2 recipes let me know how you find them too. I hope you enjoyed this video. Have a happy new year and I will see you again on the next one.