3 Flavors Mix #15 – Coffee Thai Fusion 60/40

Hello and welcome to diy eliquid recipes. Its been a while so I’m returning with a nice coffee eliquid recipe I prepared for you this week. So this is Coffee thai fusion. This is an eliquid that I think a lot of people will like since coffee seems to be a fairly popular flavor but without that many good recipes available to make. For todays mix I decided to include in the final recipe both versions I was experimenting with, and I let you to decide which one you like to make. The coffee base in this recipe comes from flavourarts tiramisu. I know this is not exclusively a coffee concentrate but it has enough coffee flavor to recreate the coffee taste. I also tried it with flavourarts coffee espresso which works ok at the same ratio but the tiramisu tasted much creamier. So before anything else here is the recipe for you too. As you see, other than the coffee I also included a cream base which is this case is the flavourah cream. I needed a cream for this recipe to just work and I didn’t feel experimenting with Bavarian cream and meringue combinations again so I kept it simple and this cream from flavorah will work great just at 1.5%. And now quickly to the accent flavors used here. So I looked up thai coffee recipes and it was most commonly made with ether whole cream and cardamom extract or they just toped the coffee with whole-fat coconut milk. So I included both versions here and you can make your own option. Personally, I liked better the coconut one but I also really enjoy vaping this specific coconut flavor. In any case both versions of this recipe will come out tasting well and pretty accurate. So at the end including the sweetener this recipe sits around 5% of flavor and in this case this is more than enough to create the flavour we are after. For steeping its recommended to steep it for 1 week with 2 weeks if you are looking a milder coffee experience. For nicotine you can get away with fairly high amounts here since the coffee flavor will mask it but ill give it a max of 12mg/ml. For a brief review of the taste of this eliquid I’ll say it has a nice creamy coffee taste with a good amount of the side accents coming through and a thick and full flavor vape because of the 60 40 vg pg ratio. Now if you have these flavors in your collection and decide to make this recipe lets us know how you find it too. Also if you have your own thai coffee recipe either for an eliquid or actual coffee beverage, feel free to leave it in the comments together with any other thoughts. From now on will try to set a schedule for at least a video every Sunday hopefully starting today. I hope this new video finds you well and ill see you soon again next time.