Shake and Vape [Lemonade] A Fresh Versatile DIY Eliquid Recipe

Hello and Welcome to diy eliquid recipes. I’m john and I’m back with a new shake and vape recipe. This is a simple and fruity eliquid that can be vaped the same day you make it. So this is the Lemonade Shake and vape. Now its been a while since the last video but the main idea behind shake and vapes recipes is to make an eliquid including 2 or at most 3 flavors so its simple and quick to vape and also that it doesn’t require any steeping. Not that steeping will hurt it but the fruit flavors that are usually used in these recipes are light enough and blend together easily and rather quick. Ok so moving to the recipe I prepared, here it is. It is a 2 flavor eliquid the way I made it, with the second ingredient having also an alternative if you are missing pomegranate. But I would recommend getting a few milliners of the TFA version since it’s a nice and light fruit that translates well to vapor. Here the pomegranate is used together with the citrus punch concentrate which it used to be called mountain dew before but they probably had a legal issue, but that can give you an idea about its flavor. It has a slightly sweet lemon drink taste, and it is actually pretty accurate just without any of the carbonation. Now the alternative to pomegranate as you can see too is Dragonfruit but not so much for its taste but because dragonfruit is another fruit flavor that works well backing up the main flavor. Now all together the taste of this eliquid is very mild and fruity. You will taste a lot of the citrus and some of the sweetness of the pomegranate in the back too. Also, to make the flavor come through a little better, this recipe uses a higher propylene glycol amount and that usually should help a bit more with the final flavor delivery. But as usual you can change any ratios to your liking by using this recipe as your base start. And before finishing Ill touch a bit on steeping. What I found that works best with shake and vape mixes is to wait a few hours until all the bubbles have settled and then its pretty much game on. For longer steeping you can leave it for 3 to 4 days, and that will be more than enough. Now before closing I want to bring up one more side note that I usually don’t do. But aside the 2 main flavors in this recipe after you picked your combo, now you can also add one of the following as a third flavor giving a small twist to the recipe. All the following flavors will blend well with the main eliquid. So very quickly, these flavors would be 1% capella cucumber, or 1% flavourart forest fruit, or 1% Inawera cactus or 2% capella fuji. I will leave the option to you and if you make something worth sharing leave it in the comments together with any other thoughts. I hope you like this recipe and this kind of videos, if it receives enough attention, I could hopefully make shake and vape recipes like this one a regular part of the program. In any case thank you for spending your time here once more and I will see you again next weekend.