Shake and Vape [Green Tea] Light Tea & Acai Berries DIY Eliquid Recipe

Hello and welcome back to a new episode. Following up from last Sunday and Since that video had many positive comments, I decided to share one more shake and vape recipe before moving to the next flavor review that I’m preparing for next time. So for this week again we have, an Acai berry green tea shake and vape. This is a recipe that I have for a few years now and I have mixed it many times as my main daily eliquid. It is a light and easy to vape green tea mix with a side pair of acai berry. This mix will be ready to vape after an hour of mixing and it will completely mellow out within the following day. So here are all the ingredients. Starting with the TFA green tea, which is a nice green tea flavor and works well even at low ratios to create a good base without tasting too green or fresh. In this recipe it is mandatory and cannot be substituted for another manufacturer. Next is the very nice and fruity acai berry from tfa. This is a very good combination of light berry fruits and has a very mild and an easy to pair taste. Here you could also use the capella silver line acai at the same ratio but increase the total sweetener in the end to 1% if you go with the capella version since it’s almost just a straight extract compared to more candy like tfa Acai berry used in the recipe. And last there is a staple fruit flavor used here for extra body and some candy like side sweetness. Flavourarts pear is a very nice and neutral flavor that helps to boost many eliquid recipes and here it works great as well for that purpose. And all together this mix will come out to am 8.5% of total flavor. Keeping the tradition with shake and vapes this eliquid will have a relatively higher than usually propylene glycol ratio at 35% which it will help more with the flavor delivery. And now after combining everything together, give it a good shake and it should be ready to vape when all the bubbles have settled. Now regarding nicotine, this is a recipe for a very low to mild nicotine level. All flavors are very light so I would recommend keeping nicotine below 6mg. now for the taste , this will vape light and sweet with the fruits only being in the background. It Is mainly a green tea eliquid with a little bit of fruit for some extra flavor similar to regular green teas. The vapor feel will be light and easy to over vape since you will want to keep pulling for more flavor. This is normal though and in reality this is a mild eliquid with most of the flavor sitting in the background. Now I will touch on steeping very quick, here is a general guide. With 1-3 hours being ok to vape, 1 day for good and 3 days for max steeping. Now regarding the green tea from flavour apprentice I’ll say that this one in my opinion is the most authentic one. Flavourarts green tea is not as good and if anything flavourah even makes a good version to try too. But at the end if you like green tea as a flavor just give a try to all of them, they are not that many available anyways so it makes it easier to sort through them. In any case if you also have a green tea recipe, shake and vape or otherwise feel free to share them as always. I will touch back on tea eliquids with a southern iced tea recipe in the future again that I have. Again thank you for being here and Ill see you next week.