Pomegranate TFA – Review & Recipe (Sweet Berries vape)

Good day and welcome back. I’m john and today we are going to take a quick look at another tfa flavor and follow up with a recipe you can make with it. So this is flavor apprentices pomegranate. I’m specifically going to review the regular pomegranate flavor and not the deluxe since they are indeed different. The one we are looking at today is a more authentic and fruity flavor compared to the deluxe one which is more candy or a beverage like concentrate. Now I also used this flavor recently at this video making a nice lemonade shake and vape. The way it tastes alone is slightly sour similar to a raspberry but a little more sweet. When it is used higher than 6% solo and without a sweetener it tends to take a more floral twist which some people might translate to as soapy. But in any case I find this flavor to be very well behaved when it is capped at around 5%. Saying that here is a chart I prepared and go over very quickly. So for a mild solo mix of tfas pomegranate use it from 4 to 5%. At that ratio it will be enough to give you an idea about its taste without over doing it. Now you could go a little higher to 6 or 8% but again it might get a little too floral but you won’t really know for yourself unless you try it once. Next for using pomegranate in recipes I have the following suggested ratios of use. For making eliquids with pomegranate as one of the main flavors, use it from 3 up to 6% ,where I find it usually behaves its best. To use it as an accent in other recipes try it from 1 up to around 3%, and Ill give a side tip here, pomegranate will work well with a lot of tobaccos too. Ry4 being one of them. In any case you can fit pomegranate in as an accent in most fruit recipes and it will bring out a nice change of flavor to almost all of them. Just use it low and it will blend in fine. Now next I have prepared a recipe to show you with this flavor too. This is not a pomegranate eliquid exclusively but rather a mix So here it is. I’m using pomegranate a little lower than the black currant since I found the recipe tasted better that way, but you could always swap them around and go with 4 on the top and 3% on the black currant. In any case this will be a nice and fruity recipe that will also steep very quickly. Usually within 1 day. It vapes well with a lot of flavor and also the vapor will smell very fruity and sweet. The fuji at the end is just there for the vape body but don’t forget it since it makes a difference if it’s missing. Now I don’t usually go over alternatives but I found these flavors would work well instead if you are missing the original ones. You could use either one of them and the recipe sure will be a little different but still not too far away. Now finishing I’ll say if you haven’t tried pomegranate yet because you don’t like the actual fruit, then give a concentrate a try since the flavor might actually appeal to you and I only say that because it happened to me originally. If you buy one it doesn’t exclusively have to be this one here but it is one of the top 3 available for sure. Nevertheless, leave your thoughts about this flavor or the video below and I will get back to you. Once more thank you for spending one more Sunday here and I will be back again next week.