Acai Capella Silverline – Review & Recipe (Cactus Berry diy)

Good day, I’m john and welcome back. This week I have a new review prepared for you. So this is Acai from Capellas silverline. This is a relatively newly released flavor, and also another flavor I used recently on my last green tea recipe. I experimented a little longer with it to get a better idea and today here is my review. In general, I find this a nice candy like berry flavor. It is similar to flavourarts forest fruit but a lot more sweet. Other than sucralose the main flavors are berries. Possible blackcurrant or actual acai berry extract. Capella themselves also have a description on this flavor and they say: perfectly juicy, rich, purple berry, ideal for smoothies, you can almost feel the icy goodness on the back of your throat. Now I haven’t used it in a smoothie but when used solo for vaping at 8% without any sweetener, I could mainly taste the sweet berries but I can’t pin point what kind. Some people online say blackcurrant or blackberries. If I had to guess, I would say that it is possibly a mix of harvest berry and possible some cranberry. It is a very well rounded flavor and it feels like it was developed to be used as the main or only flavor in a recipe. In any case if you want to mix it alone, and I would actually recommend trying few ml solo since it is surprisingly good flavor just like that. It has enough fruit flavor to create an eliquid and it doesn’t even require a sweetener. For a mild solo mix use it from 5 to 6% and for a stronger mix use it from 7 up to 10%. Those ratios might seem high but this flavor is very light similar to other capella fruits. For use in recipes you can use it as the main or base flavor from 6% again and use it as an accent from 1 up to and maybe around 4%. Following next I have made a recipe to show you as an example with this flavor. Now since acai already has enough flavor depth on it’s own I didn’t want to add too many other flavors so here is a very simple but tasty mix to make. It uses the acai pretty high and with a side of cactus from inawera. Now at just 1% cactus will introduce a light fruity side flavor that will blend in and enrichen the acai even further rather than adding it’s own taste. So this is mainly a berry eliquid with everything else used mainly as additives. The second additive is acetyl pyrazine which it might seem a little out of place in a fruit recipe, but I found that it helps a lot here with the flavor so I recommend it. It will add extra vapebody and make the eliquid taste slightly richer. Other than that there is not any sweetener used this week since acai has enough sweetener in it as is, but if you find that it needs some more, no more than the usual 0.5% of sweetener should be needed. All and all this will be a nice light eliquid and will need maybe one day of steeping. As for capellas acai, this is also a good flavor to try. Nothing to rush and get, if anything try capellas harvest berry first if you haven’t before going to acai. But if you are looking for a quick berry mix you could always give this one a try too. It can be vaped alone or used as a berry booster especially with heavier creams. If you already have tried this flavor or you have another favorite from capellas silver line share your feedback with us bellow too. Thank you for watching this review and I will see you again next week.