Steeping Experiment – Strawberry & Tobacco #1

Good day and welcome. I’m john and for today I have a video topic that’s a little different. So this will be the steeping experiment. In this video I will go over the results of me mixing 2 different flavors and steeping them for 1, 5 and 12 days long. I will quickly go over the changes I see for each flavor and comment on anything that might stand out from the previous tests. I might repeat this experiment again with different flavors if there is enough interest but for today I chose the 2 most popular flavors from the 2 most popular categories in my opinion, which are strawberry and tobacco. For the strawberry side we have for steeping the INW strawberry shisha, and for the tobaccos we have RY4 from Flavourart. If you are thinking why I didn’t use the tfa ry4 that is because some people say it’s not strong enough as a tobacco, and I feel like flavourart corrected that so it’s included in that version. Now starting with the mixing ratios which were the following and each one was tested with these 2 devices here. I find these ratios are good enough to represent the potential of each flavor. So now with the testing. After 1 day the shisha strawberry was pretty potent and I would say ok to vape. It tasted better on the internal coil this time. Since There is a slight harsh aftertaste when dripping it, but still ok to vape after just 1 day. Id give it 6 out of 10 in maturity. Now the ry4 still tastes pretty dark. I can taste the same flavor on the inhale and exhale compared to the sweeter exhale that it has when steeped longer. The taste is ok, you get a lot of the caramel coming up front at this point but in a pinch, the ry4 might work after just one 1 day steeping. Though I would recommended using a little less than my ratio if you are only going for 24 hour steeping. Id give it 4 out of 10 at this point. Now moving to day 5 which in my opinion brought the biggest differences. The strawberry shisha it’s pretty much done at this point. When I tried it, the taste was much more mellow compared to the 24hour steep and the strawberry flavor is very mild on the inhale and then peaks during the exhale like expected. It tasted almost the same in both vapes. So the verdict is. 9/10 ready to vape. Now the ry4 also had a big change in flavor too. The caramel has mellowed down now and the tobacco flavor is starting to blend in even better. I can still taste some bitterness of the tobacco but that could go away with some extra sweetener and triacetin if you are looking for a fast steeper. The verdict is 8/10 good enough but a couple more days would definitely help. But if you are looking for a bold tobacco a 5 day steep would do the trick. And now last going to the notes after trying these mixes after the complete 12 day steep. Starting with the strawberry again, and this time I don’t have much more to add than the last time. The flavor is still very nice and rich only at 2% flavor used. Also there is no fade in the flavor something for example capellas sweet strawberry would do if it was used solo and steeped for this long. So the verdict is 10/10 done. For the RY4 it’s a similar story. The flavor now is completed. When I opened the bottle I could smell the distinct dark butterscotch, a smell that it’s common for an eliquid made with mainly ry4. So that’s normal here. Taste wise is the same, the flavor comes out mild in the beginning and peaks during the exhale with a lot of tobacco taste and plenty of caramel too. So the verdict is done and 12 day is possibly the right amount of steeping this flavor needs. Now if you have tried something similar yourself or you would be interested too see more similar videos comparing steeping notes please let me know below. Thank you for watching as always, and Ill see you next time.