Shake and Vape [Pineapple] – DIY Eliquid Recipe

Welcome back to a new recipe video. Continuing with the theme of shake and vape mixes, today I will be sharing with you a nice fruity eliquid. So this is the pineapple shake and vape. The idea for this recipe came to me after looking at 2 different pineapple cake recipes shared online. I used them as the base for my starting ratios and I adjusted them after a few trials to the final version. This recipe hits a lot of checkmarks, being a shake and vape, a 3 flavor mix, and also using a 3,2,1 configuration. So after all that here is the recipe. It uses the true and tried capella – inawera combo to create the the pineapple flavor. And following after, is the secret of this recipe if you will, the 1% champagne from TFA. If you don’t know about this flavor, I used it here not so much for its taste but for the additional sweetness and vape body it brings to recipes. At just 1% it will be enough to introduce all these positive attributes while contributing very minimal flavor to the final mix. I will also mention the carbonation feeling, since I know it will be brought up, and Ill say that personally I don’t really sense any carbonation. But if it works for you, I won’t be the one denying its effectiveness. Now quickly moving to the pineapple combo, to say that after a few more trials including using 3% for both and 4% golden pineapple, the recipe as is now I find it to have good enough flavor to stay on the realistic side without going to much to the pineapple candy territory. But as always you can change it around.
All and all, this eliquid will have all the pineapple taste as promised and it will vape light and fruity. This is a quick and simple recipe as I mentioned and of course if you have these flavors on hand give it a try too since you don’t have to wait long for it to steep. Usually I drip it within an hour of making it. As for nicotine try to stay lower than 10mg/ml since it might start getting bitter after that.
If you make this recipe or have another pineapple shake and vape, feel free to share it in the comments and Ill try to make a few of them too if I have the flavors. Thank you again for watching this video, and Ill see you next Sunday.