The Sweetener Debate [Eliquids and Vaping]

Welcome back to diy eliquid recipes. I’m john and today I have prepared a short video talking about The sweetener debate. This is about premade eliquids and also eliquid making in general, being diy or commercial. Sweeteners in eliquid recipes are mainly used for 2 things, familiarity and flavor depth. Now you are probably thinking that sweeteners are used to make things taste sweeter so what does familiarity and flavor depth have to do with them. I will start with familiarity first, and 99% of sweets, beverages, cakes, deserts and even most fruit juices contain a lot of sugar. SO when the first eliquid producers years ago were trying to reproduce flavors for vaping, they realised that if they made the vapor taste sweet then their job would be easier since the end-users brain will be triggered by the flavor and sweetness and make it easier to correlate it to the original flavor that was being reproduced. And most of the time unless they were making a tobacco flavor, they were trying to recreate something that is sweet, either being a fruit or vanilla eliquid. So using a lot more than needed sweetener was their cheat to create more realistic and familiar tasting eliquids without spending too long developing the final flavor and that just became the norm. Now about the depth I mentioned earlier. When the right sweetener is used at the right amount it will make an eliquid taste richer. This works on the same principle that sugar works when used in coffee or tea. It can make a bitter and thin tasting cup of coffee taste richer and with a lot more body or viscosity than it originally had. Now it can be argued that the richer taste that is perceived after adding sugar might be a trick the brain plays on us for being rewarded with something sweet rather than an actual change in flavor, but the import thing is that the improvement of flavor is there and sugar can help to mask some flavor imperfections. Now my side on this debate is that a sweetener is almost a requirement and even at a very low ratio of 0.25% in a recipe will make a positive difference. So very quickly now. These would be my recommendations for using sweeteners in eliquid recipes. For fruit and other similar flavors. I would recommend using only sucralose based sweeteners since most fruits already contain a lot of ethyl maltol. So 0.5 to 1% maximum of sucralose sweetener is a good amount for fruit recipes. For tobacco recipes I would recommend here using ethyl maltol, to mellow down the tobacco flavor and also add some candy aftertaste which usually works great with very dark tobaccos. A combination of 0.25% ethyl maltol and 0.5% sucralose I find works best with these kind of recipes. For cream and custard recipes, I would again recommend using some ethyl maltol since it works well with this flavor profile. So my recommended ratio for creams will be 0.25% ethyl maltol and 0.25% sucralose. And last for cookie or other baked flavors the recommended sweetener combo Is the same for tobaccos, 0.25% ethyl maltol and 0.5% sucralose. Now of course you can adjust these for your liking but in my experience, these are a good start based on each flavor profile. Now if you have anything to also share about the use of sweeteners in eliquids, as always leave us your thoughts in the comments. Thank you for watching another video and Ill be back next week with a new capella review.