Will a magnetic stirrer speed up steeping?

Welcome I’m john and today I have a brief video addressing a question I get weekly. So will a magnetic stirrer speed up or even bypass the steeping process? The quick answer is unfortunately no. A magnetic stirrer, mixer or blender, including hotplates as their name says will only mix/blend or stir the solution not age it, which only comes with time. There is not a simple way of aging solutions and that includes spirits, beer and wine. If there was a way of skipping the aging process alcohol producers would be holding most of the patents in that field. Also if you are familiar with cigars, you would know about cigar resting, which can only be accomplished with the passage of time in the right environment. Now what are magnetic stirrers are good for? Well they are for making liters of final solutions and also making sure there is a complete blend of all the ingredients. For example, if a small-scale perfume manufacturer makes 50 litters of final product a day then a stirrer will produce more consistent results and also save the employees from carpal tunnel. So unless you are making liters of eliquid or have no problem spending some extra money buying a cheap stirrer then why not, it’s a hobby after all. Also If you are making shake and vapes very often then that could be another reason to buy one. And last I want to mention heat because I know it will be brought up. So the only reason heat exist on these devices is because under lab conditions all liquids state their viscosity based on temperature. So for making sure all the ingredients will be easier to blend a mixer will heat up the solution so all individual ingredients are at the same temperature and mix easier. Now if you also have any information or past experience to add to the discussion about stirrers, leave us your thoughts in the comments too. Thank you again for watching and I will see you next time.