Top 3 Regular Flavors to Use as Boosters and Additives

Good day and welcome to a new video. Its been a while since my last top3 discussion video, so Today I want to talk about my 3+ 1 favorite flavors that I also use as boosters. These are common flavor concentrates that can enhance and add depth to your eliquid mixes. And to get right to the point, here is the first one for today. This is flavourarts desert ship. I usually avoid using this flavor as the primary tobacco since I find it too bold, dark and smoky for my taste. It is hard to mellow it down when it’s the only tobacco flavor in a recipe so I stopped using it almost completely. Until one day I was out of FA oak so I decided to use desert ship at 0.5% in a recipe that had TFA’s Ry4 as the main tobacco. To my surprise desert ship worked better than oak in this case and not only added an earthy taste to the mix that I was looking for but also made the ry4 taste much richer. So on number one for today is FA desert ship to be used from 0.25 up to maximum 1% as a tobacco additive. Now for number 2 we are going to a much milder flavor and that is TFA or Flavourarts Meringue. You can use either one in this case. This is an excellent vanilla booster that adds an additional mild and sweet vanilla layer on top of your existing vanilla or cream flavor and making it taste much more full and realistic. Meringue is a very helpful flavor to have and it can be bended to fit in almost any eliquid. In this case I mainly use it in cream, custard and tobacco recipes but I have also found that a touch of meringue in fruit eliquids sometimes will make the recipe taste a lot richer. Moving to the 3rd flavor this is tfa quince. This is a flavor you hear about very scarcely but I believe this to be one of the best fruit boosters available. When its used at around 1% it will add a sweet freshness to other fruits together with some extra pulpy mouthfeel. It is a relatively sweet flavor with a mild apple/pear aftertaste which works great as a pair to almost any fruit. It will make almost any fruit you add it to taste a lot more realistic and Because of it’s light nature it works better with primarily fruit or tobacco recipes rather than creams. For cream and custard recipes I included one more flavor that is excellent for that. So this is the last one and a bonus for this list TFA dragonfruit. As I just mentioned this is pretty much an alternative to quince but to use with cream based eliquids. Because of its emulsifying properties it will help fruits or other light viscosity flavors to blend in better with creams or custards. A few years ago the secret to a nice strawberry cheesecake recipe was always a touch of dragonfruit. This is information that you probably already know if you have been mixing for a while now but its also a good tip for diy beginners. Tfa’s dragonfruit in general should be a staple in any collection and you can see its success as a flavor from all the attempts of other companies trying to imitate it. Most of other flavors come close to the taste but if you need dragonfruit for blending rather than its taste then the TFA version is still the one to get. All in all I hope this video gave you some good information to help you improve your own eliquid recipes. If you have anything to share with us on this topic as always leave it in the comments. I know I missed a lot of other common flavors like cucumber or cactus so if you have any other flavors to suggest leave that below for me to include in part 2. I want to say Happy Victoria Day to anyone living in the commonwealth and I will see you again next week with something new.