3 Flavors Mix #16 – Hazelnut Coffee 70Vg

Good day im john and welcome to diy eliquid recipes. After a few vape related discussion videos in the past weeks I;m talking a break to share a nice and simple 3 flavor recipe with you. So todays video is a hazelnut coffee eliquid. Judging from my past videos it seems that coffee eliquids are one of the most sought after recipes. They are possibly one of the most popular but polarizing eliquids in diy. I still yet to find a coffee recipe that is universally accepted as good. There will always be some people disliking even some really good eliquids due to personal preference so it’s hard to judge coffee recipes without making them. Now moving to today’s recipe, this is a simple eliquid to make being only a 3 flavor mix so here is the recipe. It uses Inaweras coffee Kona at a low but still potent ratio. There are many other coffee flavors that good also fit in here so substitute itas you like. Next The flavourart marshmallow is only here for the vape body and some candy sweetness this could also be substituted with meringue at the same ratio. So since there is not much more to analyze about marshmallow’s role I will skip right to flavor west’s hazelnut. This is a very nice and creamy flavor mainly due to the diacetyl but still one of the better hazelnuts that translate well to vapor. Here it is used only at 1.5% which I find is good enough as an introduction to the flavor. Now you will sometimes see this hazelnut being used as high as 8% which is a little controversial. But if the 1.5% doesn’t seem enough to you then double it to 3% and go from there. Now without including the optional but recommended additives of this recipe. Just the flavor comes out to a total of 3.5% which is surprisingly low but still with enough flavor. Now for steeping I would recommend steeping it for at least 7 days. It will benefit from a longer sit but around the 1 week mark is a good time to give this eliquid a try. Now as for nicotine concentration. You can go as high as 10mg per ml with this recipe since these flavors will overpower any nicotine aftertaste. And as a final note I will say that you could expend further on this recipe with some custard or cookie flavors but try to keep it simple since coffee recipes are easy to overflavor and make them taste very weird. If you make this recipe or just want to say a hi then leave your thoughts in the comments and I will be back next week with something new for you.

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