Natural Mint Inawera – Review & Recipe

Welcome to diy eliquid recipes, I’m john and today we are back with a fresh flavor review. SO this is inawera’s natural mint. For today’s video I tried 2 inawera mint concentrates and decided to review the one I like better. The 2 flavors were natural mint and mixed mint. The reason I didn’t like the mixed mint was the overpowering cooling effect it has. It seems that there is a lot more menthol in this one compared to the natural mint which is much smoother with minimal menthol aftertaste. Now to give a real world example I find the taste of mixed mint to be similar to the taste toothpaste, with that dry and cooling mint taste, when natural mint tastes more similar to a mint gum with a sweeter and smoother mint flavor coming through. And last I want to say that I find mixed mint to be better in the role of a primary flavor when you need a lot of mint taste to come through whereas natural mint works better as an accent or secondary profile. So for eliquids I find natural mint to be a better flavor, at least for the kind of eliquids I tend to make. Now let me go over the ratios of use before we move to the recipe last. If you want to try this flavor solo or just with some sweetener. For a mild mix use it from 1 to 2% and for a stronger eliquid go to 2 up to 3%. For making your own eliquids use it from 1 up to 2% as the base and from 0.25 up to 1% as an accent. And now let’s go to the recipe. This is a simple vanilla and mint eliquid that vapes easy and with a light and fresh vape body. So here it is for you. Natural mint is only used at 1% since I didn’t want to overpower the vanilla taste too much. The other 2 flavors are meringue and Vienna cream both from flavourart. These are 2 very neutral vanillas that work simply well with almost anything you pair them with. You could of course change these flavors to something else you have but try to keep it simple since you want the mint to still come through and a flavor like vanilla custard would cover most of the mint profiles. As is this recipe sits at 4% of total flavor without the sweetener which I would suggest using but that’s up to you. For steeping I would recommend 3 to 4 days. Which is long enough for everything to blend well, but this recipe could be also vaped after 1 day if you can’t wait any longer. Now since I also bought inaweras’ mixed mint I might also review it but I’ll probably leave it for the far future. But if you had to choose between the 2 I personally find the natural mint a better flavor for eliquid making. And That’s all from me today. If you have anything to share with us about inawera’s mint flavors as always leave a comment below. Thank you for watching all the way to the end and Ill be back soon again.

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